Monday, June 8, 2009

But God is good!!

It's so hard to say this but I'll blog it anyway..

We are down to our last penny. I do not know what and how it happened but one more week before payday and we are out of money. And though we do not belong to those who live in a comfortable life (How I wish we are though) this seldom happens because I always always make sure I have money left to pull us through between paydays.

Maybe, God who is our ultimate provider decided it's time for me to learn a lesson in TRUSTING HIM.

And I on the other hand is a reluctant student but would be happy to learn anyway.

So I said in my prayer last night,

"Lord you know we don't have money and it's not yet payday, I TRUST you will provide for us"

Guess what? no, we don't have money yet but we are going out for a dinner tonight!
And I'm smiling..why? because it's as if God is telling me, "you don't have money..well then, I'm going to treat you out on a dinner tonight..that's for TRUSTING ME"


( a friend will treat us to dinner tonight in celebration of their first wedding anniversary, here's her blog post about it :)


Denise said...

Bless your precious heart. Asking God to pour out financial blessings upon your life.

Oscar Gecko said...

Keep your priorities straight and God will provide. It may not be something you want... Or it may not be how you expect it, but He will provide. And when He does, it will be so obvious to you.

andrew&carmelsuarezministry said...

God is good and will always be te' raks.
He's been faithful always... in times of abundance or in need.
thanks for being there always for us.