Wednesday, June 17, 2009

more about our dream home

And about the kitchen? I would surely love to have this beautiful kitchen cabinet and this kitchen accessories. I would love to put some girlie colors like pink and yellow.
I would also love to have a big space in my kitchen because I know there will always be people in my house. I have a friend who love to cook so I'm sure she'll be invited often.

It's quite funny because while looking at kitchen accessories I came to learn about Kettlebell. No it is not something you use in the kitchen but it is something you use to lose weight.

Well, gotta go now. Still have to finish some work so I can have this dream house someday.

Will feature our dream bedroom next.

Dreaming- Our Home

I can’t have these beautiful patio furniture now but I will someday when I have my own house. I dream of having a home at the country side where I can have gardens and a small swimming
I would invite friends to have fellowship, have barbecue or just swim. The kids would love it! My nieces and nephews will surely love to be in my home then.

I'll have that dream someday.