Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love,Courtship,Marriage & Engagement rings too!

Two Sundays ago, I, together with my two lady friends was invited by the youth leaders to attend their one of a kind LCM (Love, Courtship and Marriage) teaching/seminar. We were asked to just tell our own love stories and then answer questions from them afterwards. Of course, each story is worth telling and from each story a lesson is to be learned. The topic actually is “waiting” and for some youth it can be the hardest part but if you wait for God’s best you’ll surely say it’s worth it.

Anyways, at the end of the session I told them how everything will be beautiful if they will just learnt o wait for the right time, God is definitely writing each and everyone’s love story and it is undoubtedly beautiful! I also mentioned that even their wedding will be nice and perfect if they will learn how to wait for God’s best. Sure there will be glitches but still people will only notice how beautiful they are and how eminent is the love they have for each other.

They may not even have the best engagement rings that was designs by vatche which is by the way available in, or maybe they might not even have rings at all but as I have said many times, happiness does not depend on what you have and what you have not. My wedding (and my rings) are so ordinary but I don’t care. What matters tome and to my husband is that when we got married, it was not just us but the presence of the Lord and the love is so present during our wedding and even years after the wedding.

I’m not saying we’re perfect and we don’t fight because that would be a big LIE ( every married couple knew that fight/disagreement is normal) but it doesn’t mean that when you argue you don’t love each other anymore and that you made a mistake in marrying your partner :)

I just hope, the youth learned some wisdom about love, courtship and marriage during that session. After all it was not easy sitting there, telling them your painful mistakes while waiting, the heartaches you’ve gone through and be bombarded with questions afterwards :) I pray they will really wait for the God’s perfect time and for God’s best for them.

Who knows they might even get one of these lovely rings when that big day comes? I pray the husband will give me one someday :) and oh you know you can have these engagement rings online? yes, that is made possible by (the first company in the U.S. to offer an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamond and bring the sheer beauty of “super ideal cut” to the Internet)

So ladies out there, do not be in a hurry, marriage is a gift and it is worth waiting for :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

We ran for a cause

This was a fund raising drive initiated by the youth of our church. I enjoyed it (most participants did) so I encouraged our youth leaders to do it again this coming March. The proceeds will be use in the upcoming youth camp on April.

We also and short devotion before heading home. My husband and I had breakfast after and visited the feeding ministry also. It was one full but happy Saturday :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Turning 1

This cute little girl is turning ONE soon! It seems only yesterday when we and her parents held her for the first time. Now, it's only four months and we will celebrate her first birthday with a blast.

This girl is special first to her parents and to people who love her (that would include me and my husband) so we're making her birthday extra special :) I'm sure she'll have many personalized 1st birthday gifts. And I'm sure the mom will be happy..hehe!

We love you baby Ziah and like what we often say to Kuya Jakob..don't grow too fast :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeding Ministry

After the Run for a cause fundraising activity of the youth last Saturday, I had the chance to visit our feeding ministry in Pio Delpilar Makati. It's been a while since I last visited an area and I'm glad I did last Saturday. I took some photos and had a chat with the kids :) I pray these little ones will grow in the love of God and that they will have a much better life in the future.

That's Jomer - he heads the feeding in that area.
It is also so good to see that we only not feed the kids but moms as well :) the food is more than enough for them. Thank you Lord for providing!

Our feeding ministry in this area is now on it's 2nd year. We've already established a bible study for mothers and more than 5 families are now attending church. Praise the Lord and to God be the glory!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Making music

I love it when Rudolf together with the worship band in our church make new song for the Lord. He just finished one fast song and we've been singing it in the worship service for weeks now.

Now I understand why he keeps on checking musical instruments like this prs se custom 24 and gadgets from time to time, why he dreams of having all those stuff so he can record and arrange songs on his own. But right now, we are still praying for a keyboard that's his priority (the church's keyboard has been broken for quite sometime now) and I do hope this year God will give him that.

For now, I am thankful he is still being use  through music, in fact we are Cebu bound this coming March, the team has been given a slot to lead a worship service in Global Intercessors conference.

Thank you Lord for giving Rudolf such wonderful talent. the glory and honor are yours alone! we are indeed Made to Worship!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thank you Lord!

I just celebrated my birthday and I am grateful I was given another year and I know the best is yet to come for me and my husband and for our ministry.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for your GRACE, for your LOVE and for being there for me ALWAYS.
Thank you for giving me my wonderful wonderful family :) Pictures below will tell you how happy I am (even without a silver morgan dollar)

and my friends :)
and to my husband who tirelessly sings to me
and who gave me this flowers :)
Thank you Lord!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Learned new dish

photo credits :

I've learned a new dish! courtesy of the ever good cook friend of mine J-mie (of tonight's dinner recipe's blog). Last Friday when we went to have dinner with them, she taught me a new easy fish recipe called "pinaputok na tilapia". You can get the recipe here.

For now I know I can do it but let's see til I actually do it myself without her coaching me if I indeed learned it :) I will definitely try it next week when and if work is less and I am not too exhausted. But as I have said it's easy recipe, you're done in 20 minutes or so, grilling even if you have good charcoal grills will take you more time.

I don't know though why it is called it's name because I didn't hear any "putok" at all while we were doing it.

Try it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it like we did.