Monday, February 20, 2012

Making music

I love it when Rudolf together with the worship band in our church make new song for the Lord. He just finished one fast song and we've been singing it in the worship service for weeks now.

Now I understand why he keeps on checking musical instruments like this prs se custom 24 and gadgets from time to time, why he dreams of having all those stuff so he can record and arrange songs on his own. But right now, we are still praying for a keyboard that's his priority (the church's keyboard has been broken for quite sometime now) and I do hope this year God will give him that.

For now, I am thankful he is still being use  through music, in fact we are Cebu bound this coming March, the team has been given a slot to lead a worship service in Global Intercessors conference.

Thank you Lord for giving Rudolf such wonderful talent. the glory and honor are yours alone! we are indeed Made to Worship!

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