Friday, March 19, 2010


I've been missing my Thankful Thursday post since I came here, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to be thankfuk for, as a matter of fact God has blessed me tremendously in this trip. Blessing in material, physical, spiritual and emotional terms.

And because I don't really have much time to sit down in the computer, I just want to list them down here in a shorter post.

So I am thankful for

1. God's protection for me and my husband and for our host family.

2. For the good health, I have opportunity to eat more vergetables here and more fruits so in a way we've been treated to some kind of colon cleanse because of the many fruits and veggies in our meal everyday. Totally no pork. That's great and sad at the same time. :)

3. For the opportunity to serve HIM and HIS beloved people.

4. For the time to read again (so far I'm on my 3rd book now)

5. For all the learning humbling experience I am getting here.

6. For the many people we meet, Pastors, missionaries, workers, non-christians, kids, adults and everyone. They are now a part of who I am.

I still have loads but I'm running out of time. I'll update again as soon as I can!!

Be blessed and be a blessing too!!!

Where there is no doctor

One of the most memorable and interesting thing happened during my stay here is using the "Where there is no doctor, a village health care handbook" by David Werner.

The village we are involved with has no doctor obviously and one of the student is terribly sick. I heard they already brought him to town and was already checked by a medical doctor twice. But the problem is the kid is not getting better, They said we was bitten by some insect or sort, he went to swim in the river one day and went home sick but they don't see any bite from the swollen feet.

We visited him once and from the looks of it, he really needs to be brought into the hospital. But our team leader visited them again yesterday and they said it's getting better, he has no fever anymore but the feet is still swollen.

So guess what, we search the said book on what to do with the swollen feet, Praise God for books like that, I browsed it and saw a lot of home remedies I think I even saw home remedies for blackheads well maybe about skin and everything. So what they did, they brought the book in the kid's house and show the parents what to do. (I guess most of the parent will believe if they see the book) and suggested to do the same with thier son.

I have yet to see the kid again, I am not a health worker and I don't have much knowldege about it, I do hope and pray that it get better but I also hope for him to be checked again by a professional doctor. But money is a big thing here and not just that.... security is the biggest thing.

I really do not know how they survive the tough life but they are surviving.

Please remember that sick boy in your prayers tonight. It would be a big help.

17 days

yes, it's been 17 days since we got here. How time flies indeed. A couple friend joined us here last Tuesday so we are now four in the team.

Right now we are on rest (3 days), we like to call it holiday althought it was not. We can not go to the village for security reasons but we are praying and hoping that the school will resume on Monday. We still have to do the mini olympic and the shuffle dance contest for the kids. The kids were all excited about this when we told them about it. There would be prices and carmel is planning to cook for them a special food next week. If you see the energy of these kids, they can be your source of natural testosterone, they boost your energy too somehow.

So far, I've already explored the town, this is just a small town where everyone seems to know everyone, we've gone to all the supermarkets and finally we've tried the famous "nasi goreng" tonight. A local worker treated us for dinner. Praise God for his life!!

I've learn a lot for the 17 days and I know I've still lot of things to learn in our remaining days. I'm still writing them on my journal and hopefully will be able to post them once I get back.

Be safe evryone!