Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A credit card that is not a credit card

Credit cards have its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a wise credit card user then by al means it can be a big help for you. But a lot of people think that credit card is money at hand but that is not the case. I should know, I have several credit cards before but I already cut them off now.

However, there are times that I wish I didn’t cut them all. Booking for a plane ticket for instance is one of the major reasons. It is easier and much more convenient for me to book a ticket using a credit card. There is this airline that have always seat sale and you need to book fast to avail of them. Now when I book, I have to go out and pay from their accredited bank to confirm the booking.

Virtual credit cards is now available and I read that it is widely accepted. How it works? You can use it like any credit cards, you can purchase stuff online so shopping online is possible even without a credit card. And they don’t do any credit check, you can apply anytime and registration is fast!. What I like about it? You decide how much to deposit on your virtual card, in that way you only got to spend money that you actually have so very different from credit card where you spend money that you do not have.

Thankful Thursday-Books

Life is hard but God is good.. (from a friend’s FB status) and I couldn’t agree more.

And so it is just fitting to give thanks to God for He is good. Iris of Grace Alone is hosting this month so if you want to be inspired, go visit her blog.

This week I am particularly thankful for these devotional books I got from book fair. Each book only cost $2.30 or 99.00 pesos in our currency. They were on sale and I am so thankful I was able to avail them.

Books help me a lot in my spiritual walk, especially the devotional type which leads me to God’s word daily. I so love to read personal testimonies. I get inspired and blessed by the works of God in their lives.

How about you? what are you thankful for this week?