Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Random

Today is Thankful Thursday so let us all give thanks to the LORD, well not only on Thursday but everyday :) Head on to Laurie's blog if you want  to join us.

Here's my random thankful list for this week.

1. Good health for me and hubby ( a lot of people around us are getting sick but Praise God we are spared)

2. For the opportunity to serve Him through the hospital visitation ( it is very depressing and hubby ended up consoling me, I just hope they've felt God's love through our visit and gift giving)

3. For God's word - Job 38 -It's like He was talking to me in a very personal way, telling me, "how can you doubt the things I can do for you Raquel? didn't you see I command each and every morning you have ?"

Thank you Lord for everything!!!