Monday, March 17, 2014


For a lot of things despite of what we have been and going through.these days..

 here is why I am so grateful;

1. Nanay is home! after 20 days in the hospital, she's finally home.

2. She is recovering, every little improvement is a joy to us, every word she speaks means a lot to us.

3. Financial blessings- hospital bill was paid, we were able to get huge discounts thru senior citizen and an unexpected help came thru our Vice Mayor-we didn't even know her but she came to us and helped us, though she coursed it through DSWD. That's a big favor from the Lord.

4. Friends, relatives, neighbors- everyday someone is visiting Nanay at home, someone is giving help, someone is extending help, doing chores for us, helping us take care of Nanay and a LOT prayed for Nanay. We are so blessed to have such lovely people around us.

5. My husband's endless support and understanding (as well as my sisters' husbands) - he also didn't mind that all our monies are being spent with Nanay's needs. I am so blessed. Don't worry mahal, someday I'll get you this numark im9 dj mixer from guitar center for your recording studio and much more. :) You deserve that.

6.  My work-my boss and his family, once again they showed that they care, more than the monetary help, I appreciate the moral support and the prayers extended to us.

God is good  indeed, even in times of trials, HE remains faithful and true.