Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The husband and his band mates are now in full swing ( I’d like to think it that way) in recording. They have three schedules now in a week and so my hopes are high that we have not to wait too long to finally get hold of their very first worship album.

Amidst the recording though are the many changes taking place in our church or should I say former church? It is quite sad that when this album is released we will no longer be there. I know deep in my heart that some of the people we will leave behind are the very people who also dreamt with us for this album. I just hope they would still want to hear the band’s songs even if we aren’t together anymore.

Come to think of it, change is inevitable no? Whether we like it or not we have to face change at some point in our life. And even if that change is for the better somehow it still hurts. The process of leaving something that you used to do or be with is not easy.

Anyways, even if this journey to change that we are going through right now seems “ugly” at the moment I know in God’s perfect time that He’ll make all things beautiful. And who can tell when God's time is? it can be tomorrow or next week or next month or even next year. I will just wait. And while waiting, we will keep on praising God and doing what we are supposed to do.

I will keep you all posted for the changes and updates on our new ministry areas and new church.


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Have a blessed day everyone!

June 17. Father's Day

My father just phoned me a while ago, he seldom calls me and when he does I know it is important and yes I was not wrong, it is important because it is about his medicines. The call reminded me also that it's Father's day on Sunday, (if you still don't have gifts for your father you can check redenvelope fathers day gifts online catalog) I wonder what we will do in the church for the Fathers :)

As for me, I don't know what to give him, I want to give him money so he can buy what he wants,(hopefully)  but definitely we will visit them on Sunday and have dinner with them. Spending time with your parents can be the best gift di ba?