Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

I am helping a friend for her upcoming wedding and we've been browsing sites for styles she could use for her bridesmaids. What do you think about these Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses. Aren't they nice?

If I choose for a bridesmaid dress I want something that they can re-use so it won't be a waste of money. And with a lot of styles out there I am sure we can find one that will suit all her five bridesmaid.I am back to wedding planning again! And I love doing this also. It's like one of my ministry already, helping ladies in their most awaited day!


by:  Patricia D. Bailey

God has orchestrated a unique destiny for each of us-one that will exceed our greatest expectations, one that He wants to help us fulfill. But some feel trapped by behavior patterns. Others feel limited by personality traits. Some hide behind their challenges, without attempting to excel beyond them. Others in their own strength create the type of future they think they want, only to discover it isn't as fulfilling as they had expected.

These people have found they cannot transform themselves. Self-help may have provided a degree of success, but instead of depending on God, they have relied on them selves. It's supposed to be about depending on Jesus, so HE can turn our weaknesses into strengths!.

Above all, God wants our hearts. He wants you. Our part is to cooperate with Him by yielding to Him, so He can make the finishing touches on our rough edges. We do this by building an intimate relationship with Him-learning who God is, what He can and wants to do for us, and how to let Him work with us and for us. This takes time, as does any relationship, and it is a process of growing and maturing spiritually. But the investment will pay off as you fulfill God's perfect plan for your life.

Talk to God about your areas of weakness, and ask Him to help you yield to Him, so he can turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength.