Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cancer Warriors Foundation (CWF)

is looking for 300 kids with Acute Lymphocytic Luekemia(A.L. L) using the ff chemotherapy drugs:

Metotrexate tablets
Metotrexate vial
Mercaptupurine tablets

We can sustain them for the next 12 months, at the minimum, and for the rest of their chemo treatment if everythings goes as planned!

The child should be under a pedia hema or pedia hema-oncologist to qualify for assistance!


They are asking to spread the word so I am sharing this. You can visit their site to get more details information about this. http://www.cancerwarriorsfoundation.org

Thank God for organizations like this, at least people who do not have the funds can ask for assistance, I'm sure they also help those who have Mesothelioma cancer, Ovarian cancer and many more.

God bless you guys!!

Run the Race

Do not quit, run the race till' you see HIS face...RUN TO JESUS if you're tired, if you're lonely, if you feel alone, if you feel abandoned. Run to the Father and He will welcome you with arms wide open because He loves you so much!!

Promotional Items

Anybody here need promotional items for their company or website or any business or ministries? If you need t-shirts with print or umbrellas, mugs, fans, fridge magnet, key chain and eco-bags. Please message me and maybe we can customize one for you!

We have made several t-shirts for different ministries already and we are happy we are getting repeat orders which means customers are satisfied.

I hope we can get many more orders for Christmas.