Sunday, May 30, 2010

Printing t-shirts and some tasks

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope I started the day early but I am forgiving myself because we slept real late last night. I wanted to start the day early and my week early because we have lots of things to do. My husband especially is super busy with his silk screen printing and with that I am planning to do the Business Name registration this week. We wanted to do it right and we wanted to issue official receipts to our clients and we don’t want to be called fly by night supplier even if it is just small. Worst I don’t want someone calling as scam like the apidexin scam issues spreading over the net.

So, we have to register it and I want to do it the soonest possible time. Church anniversary is on Sunday and we have tasks to finish, the husband is in charge with the stage backdrop and of course the worship team. He has yet to finish the shirts the Sunday Schoolers are wearing on that day too.

May god give us all the strength we need.


"God is Faithful"

This was the preachers' topic this morning. And you may say that "oh is usually a common topic among preachers just like how common we talked about weight-loss products" but I tell you it is entirely different when you hear it from someone who had to give up a good,decent and stable life just to follow the Lord.

Our speaker this morning is one of the first missionaries our church have sent to foreign missions. He was a Doctor and he earns a lot here during that time but when he obeyed, he gave it all up and followed the Lord in a foreign land where he didn't know anyone, a place where he did not know if he can still provide well for his family.But God honored his decision and HE is indeed faithful.

Somehow I feel it is hard to obey God when you have to give up something big in your life like career but God is bigger than anything in this world right?

I think God has been talking to me through out the whole service and I pray that I will get to listen to His voice, obey Him and choose Him for He is faithful.