Sunday, May 30, 2010


"God is Faithful"

This was the preachers' topic this morning. And you may say that "oh is usually a common topic among preachers just like how common we talked about weight-loss products" but I tell you it is entirely different when you hear it from someone who had to give up a good,decent and stable life just to follow the Lord.

Our speaker this morning is one of the first missionaries our church have sent to foreign missions. He was a Doctor and he earns a lot here during that time but when he obeyed, he gave it all up and followed the Lord in a foreign land where he didn't know anyone, a place where he did not know if he can still provide well for his family.But God honored his decision and HE is indeed faithful.

Somehow I feel it is hard to obey God when you have to give up something big in your life like career but God is bigger than anything in this world right?

I think God has been talking to me through out the whole service and I pray that I will get to listen to His voice, obey Him and choose Him for He is faithful.

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