Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good night everyone!

I was supposed to upload the hygiene pictures today but our internet connection is acting up. It is a lot slower than usual and opening a website takes longer than it normally does. I didn’t dare tried uploading at facebook because I know I won’t finish it. Hopefully I’ll get it done by tomorrow. For the mean time I am gonna rest now because I’ve been working since morning and tomorrow is Sunday. I have to remind my self again that Sunday Worship begins Saturday night. So off to bed  I’ll go now folks but not right after reading about this cheap insurance quotes.

Hope you all go to church tomorrow and enjoy worshiping the Lord with your church family, but in case you can't, enjoy GOD's presence whatever you will be doing.
God bless!!

Tired but Joyful

God is so good!!

Today was our hygiene day, our day started earlier than usual.I was up before 8 AM and was already at the center at around 8:20 AM.

The event went well, we have 49 kids in the morning and 42 kids in the afternoon. It is sad though that one area didn't make it so all in all we 91 kids served. We bathed them, we treated them with lice shampoo and please don't ask me how many head lice we were able to remove because it's too many. Good thing I was able to buy a good hair lice treatment shampoo in this pharmacy I'll if they have the best hair loss shampoo too. We cleaned their wounds, their earls and clipped their ears. We even bought a pair of slipper to a kid who came there without slipper.

The kids were happy after all the things we've done to them. They looked all beautiful and nice with their new haircut and with their new hygiene kit :)

It was tiring but it was worth it.

Again, thank you for all those who supported us. May the Lord bless you a hundred fold.


Pictures to follow :)