Friday, March 30, 2012

Grateful. Leaving tomorrow

Thank you Lord for sustaining my strength :)

My husband and I have been very busy lately, just one week after the Prayer conference in Cebu and we are again leaving tomorrow for a four day youth camp of our church.

Aside from the ministry work, I have a day job which occupies my time on weekdays, this week was super busy, I've been staying later than usual in the office and then staying up late for my work at home job, not to mention the t-shirt printing we did this week. Don't get me wrong though because I am not complaining in fact I am thankful that even if my body is tired my spirit is not.

Thank you Lord that even in the midst of chaos I can hear you and spend time with you :)

Even when I am swamped with papers and documents (spread all over my table) and my mind is working non-stop, (at least  I don't review gps because it's not my forte) ...anyways..I am thankful that .in between breaks (even washroom break) I can hear His still small voice and HE shows me my errors before the boss got to see it! :D Thank you Lord talaga.

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow (later actually) and I haven't pack a thing yet, the camp will actually commence on Sunday afternoon but we will be the advance party so we're leaving one day earlier. We're taking a bus so that would mean at least 2 hours sleep or rest :) A total rest I must say.. when you have to do nothing but just sit and stare at the window or sleep. Because for me, for the past few weeks, most of the time rest means sitting in front of the PC, writing, updating pages (I manage 3 FB pages), searching, emailing, posting pictures, and so an and so forth.

But I am (we are) excited for this year's youth camp. I am sure God will do great things for the young people and their lives will be use mightily by the Lord,