Thursday, December 27, 2012

Past and the Future

Four more days to go and the year 2012 will be over.
How was your 2012? Was it good? was it bad? or  was it nothing significant?

I still don't know what happened to mine and I still don't want to say if it's been a good or bad year for me because A LOT have happened. SO MANY CHANGES occurred this year. as in major changes including changes in our ministries. We lost some good friends, ended up relationships, closed some doors and opened a lot of new opportunities ahead of us.

I will not say though that it was bad because I believe that "all things work together for good to those that love God" Romans 8:28 says so. Everything that took place this year (including those not so nice ones) were allowed by God to somehow shape me(us) into what He wanted us to be.

The year will end and I carry HOPE with me to go through 2013. Things are bad now (referring to my Father's health) but I see rays of rainbow next year. I'm positive it's gonna be a very fruitful and wonderful year for us.

We're praying for new ministries where we can focus and start something new, there is something in my heart that I've been wanting to do and who knows it might come to pass this coming year.

We will still be working full time in our day job and also full time in the ministry ( that's quite possible) been doing that for quite sometime now. But still  I'm hoping I can give up work to focus more on ministry and pursue a small business at home (probably something about prints, such as t-shirt printing or invitation or even envelope printing will do) anything that can become the main source of our income.

I have yet to have travel plans but I do wish we can go out on a mission trip again this year. Praying for Cambodia or Thailand or wherever God will bring us.

Through all the years GOD has been FAITHFUL to us. Truly, He never left us and has never forsaken us even for a single minute. Many times  we both (my husband and I) failed HIM but HE loved us still. Very much. So I'm confident He will be with us and will guide us on this coming year.

Welcome 2013.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Do you understand?

Many times you wish things are easy no? Often times we wish, we could understand things quick and easy but so we could handle them well. But life is not like that, life is not like buying a new phone that comes with a manual that is written in your own language and even if it is not written in your own native language, you can just have the manual translated ( you can even hire a translation company to do that for you)

But life is not like that, though we have our own manual (which is the bible) most of the times there are incidents happening that we don’t understand and even how hard we try we just can’t get a grip of it. Like the recent shooting incident in Connecticut-I don’t think anyone will ever know the lot’s of why behind that tragic occurrence. And I don’t know if a mother can understand why it had to be her daughter or son? When you are in grief, you don’t even have the desire to know why.

I‘m also trying to figure out my father’s sickness that has been causing me lots of tears lately but to no avail. And I know sooner I have to accept the fact that he’ll be taken from us whether I like it or not, whether I understand it or not. Because we don’t and we are not made to understand everything that is happening around us, to us.

I guess what matters most is the acceptance. Hard as it is, it is the only way we can start to move on.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Selah's worship album

Update; (just in case anyone is still interested :)

During the Global Intercessors launching in San Pablo where the band was asked to lead the worship we met a young woman and she promised to help the band financially so they can finish their worship album. Although we do not hold on to someone's promise except that of God we are thankful, we are happy and we hope she'll really be used by God for us to finish the album. And if not, for sure God will use somebody else :) At least that's one good news for now and that one good news made my husband excited again.

Also,  the owner of the recording studio had an exchange of text messages with my husband weeks ago and he said yes they'll fix the schedule soon so they can start working again with the album.

I really pray that it will be available on the first quarter of next year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forgoing gifts this Christmas

My husband has been looking at several promotional/ cheap catalogs of computer and appliances shop because we wanted so much to buy a new desktop and this was supposed to be a gift for ourselves this Christmas. It's been more than 3 months since our old PC died. :(

But because of my Father's hospitalization, things have changed now. We are forgoing that gift to ourselves including some more gifts we intend to buy for relatives and friends. Good thing I have already bought and wrapped some gifts months ago so we still have few to give this season.

I'm sure my friends and of course our families will understand why we don't have gift for everyone this time. That doesn't mean though that we love them less, after all Christmas is not about gifts only and they know that we love them even without the wrapped box/bag.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pslams 46:10

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all that I need is you

All my desire
All I require
All that I need is in you.

I fell in love with Ray Watson’s music, so calming, so motivating, so intimate.
Hubby keeps on playing it over and over now and you just can’t help but worship God and feel His presence.

And right now, that lyrics seems perfect in our situation..All that I need is in you.
No matter how huge our need is, it is still God who can provide and supply it.

You need comfort?
You need healing?
You need love?
You need someone?
You need money?
There is no need that our loving God cannot meet. You don’t need to turn to drugs, you don’t need to turn to friends who don’t seem to care, you don’t need to turn to abusive relationships.

You just have to realize that all you need is God.

Sometimes you have to have a need that is bigger than your hand and head and money can handle to realize that  All you need is God.

Well, I know sometimes it is easier said than done..trusting God when you see the big problem right in your face is not easy, when you see all the impossibilities and the pressure but I guess it is where we have to trust Him even more. I myself has been to the same situation before and I admit sometimes I fail to look how God can help me but trusted to what I can do instead.

Right now I have, we have a big financial need but we will trust God and we will keep on trusting untill the end of this all.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prayer request for my father

Last week, we've been in and out of the hospital and several doctor's clinic for further check up of my Tatay (father).

The result of the CT Scan of his lungs is not that good. The Doctor said there is a mass in the right part of his lungs and it's quite big thus making it hard for him to breath. We will have a biopsy this week so we would know if it is malignant or benign. We need all the prayers please. Pray that it is benign and that it is still curable.

My Father stopped smoking more than ten years ago BUT (that's a big BUT) he's been smoking since he was 10 years old (according to him, when he was still a kid and he goes to farm early in the morning they'll smoke hand rolled cigars and his smoking lated for almost 50 years) It's no question now why he is having some serious lung problem.

Right now, he's home and he said he feels weak, the blood test will come out today and if we can get a go signal for the biopsy, we'll have that schedule also within the week.

Please please pray that everything goes fine with the biopsy and that it's nothing to worry about. Please pray also for provision because going in and out of the hospital means a lot of money.

Thank you everyone and may the Lord bless you!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Run with perseverance

Yesterday, I was reminded to run my race and have my eyes focus on Jesus. I admit, Yes, I run but most of the time I am tempted to look beside my co-runner, sometimes I look behind and I look forward and see runners ahead of me, which shouldn't be the case because I get distracted and discouraged. 

 Hebrews 12: 2 says I should fix my eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of my faith. 

Christian living and FAITH is not a competition, yes we all do run in a race but it is not a competition, we are not there to compete because as long as we keep on running and arrive at the finish line, each of us will have a prize. And we should focus our eyes on Jesus and not to somebody else who is also running the race.

When we do that, we become more purposeful, we become more passionate and encouraged. Only when we focus our eyes on Jesus can we run with perseverance.

Monday, December 3, 2012


 I just want to thank God first and foremost for the recovery of my father, we suspect he had series of strokes last weekend and Sunday was the worst (we will confirm later as I'm going to talk to his doctor this afternoon) but praise God he is back to normal now although much weaker than before, well at least he is able to walk albeit very slow and can still speak clearly.

I am thankful also for the people around us ( my 2 boss who are there to lend a hand whenever I need one), One gave me money and the other one lend us  a car so we can go as quick as we can to my father. Friends and church mates who prayed unceasingly for us last Sunday.It meant a lot. I felt all the prayers working.

I also am thankful that our motorbike is now fully paid. Now, we can start pursuing all the many plans we have- House renovation in the province will be our priority this coming year, I wanted my parents to see that house renovated before they are taken by the Lord. It's a big project actually but we plan to do it slowly. I'm excited! ( I want to  buy kitchen cabinets online but I don't think that would be possible). I want to do this as a gift for my parents :D

Thank you Lord- you are good ALL THE TIME!!

 Blessings everyone!