Friday, December 14, 2012

Selah's worship album

Update; (just in case anyone is still interested :)

During the Global Intercessors launching in San Pablo where the band was asked to lead the worship we met a young woman and she promised to help the band financially so they can finish their worship album. Although we do not hold on to someone's promise except that of God we are thankful, we are happy and we hope she'll really be used by God for us to finish the album. And if not, for sure God will use somebody else :) At least that's one good news for now and that one good news made my husband excited again.

Also,  the owner of the recording studio had an exchange of text messages with my husband weeks ago and he said yes they'll fix the schedule soon so they can start working again with the album.

I really pray that it will be available on the first quarter of next year.

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