Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Once again, Lori is hosting the TT for this week. Thank you so much. I went over to her site this morning and my heart cried as I read through her thankful post. Why? because I have so many insecurities too. Sometimes I struggle so hard to give my best in everything I do not knowing that I am stressing my self too much and I know that can be insecurity, you try to be so good and best because you want people to accept you.

Praise God I have a FATHER who doesn't look on what I can give but loves me the same. And I thank HIM so much for that faithful LOVE and never ending GRACE.

I am also thankful this week for the blesings He sent us through some friends.

-A young missionary from Canada who went here 2 years ago sent us something for the Macau Mission's conference.Thank you Kirby!

- Our friend Lester and Jerlyn from Georgia sent us some funds to also for the conference.

-And a lot of our churchmates are buying the t-shirts we are selling as a means of fundraising for that mission trip.

We still need a lot and we only have 10 days left. But in times like this. I trust GOD to take control of everything.

Remember how He fed Elijah when he has nothing to eat? He can use even the ravens to meet your needs in time.

happy Thankful Thursday everyone!