Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fear Not

2 weeks ago, I was depressed, disappointed and sad. I was crying incessantly in the office. I wanted to leave everything and be somewhere else where no one can reach me. There were incidents in the office that for the longest time I have trained my self to ignore and just let it be but worst came when I was absent two consecutive days, first day was because am not feeling well, the second I attended the launching of The Fellowship International. 

That day, my boss called our HR personnel and he checked on all my absences and my tardiness which resulted to cancellation of my flexi time. In fairness to our HR department, they said I am seldom absent and the only problem is my coming late but also compensated because I extend time also whenever I came late. 

That gave me the feeling that I am a bad employee. Made me think of all the services I rendered to my boss, sometimes I go way beyond the call of my duties and responsibilities (even beyond office or sleeping hours) sometimes I do work for him that is too personal and I do all that without complaining-and people around me can attest to that-11 years as his assistant-that speaks a lot right? on the other hand there is this girl who also works for my boss- as much as I don't want to compare and see that she's more favored  but I did that time. I was thinking it was REALLY UNFAIR. I know that doesn't sound right coming from me and I regret it  but honestly speaking, that was what I felt that time.

The following Sunday-at the church, God spoke to me through the message of our speaker. I was encouraged and comforted. God made me realized that I don't have to mope because Jesus is interceding for me (Romans 8:34)  which made me realized even more that things may seem unfavorably on my part now but I don't have to feel bad because HE is fighting for me.

And then, that verse above popped up also sometime last week. God is really good. He sends help whenever we need it. In His perfect timing. Today, I was beginning to feel that "unfair " thing again because well, the flexi time ends today :) but here am I writing about this and reminding my self over and over again.."take heart Raquel..Jesus himself is interceding for you and that He loves you so very much :)"
Whatever life (or my boss) throws me- I know I have someone to defend me and He is mighty!