Thursday, December 27, 2012

Past and the Future

Four more days to go and the year 2012 will be over.
How was your 2012? Was it good? was it bad? or  was it nothing significant?

I still don't know what happened to mine and I still don't want to say if it's been a good or bad year for me because A LOT have happened. SO MANY CHANGES occurred this year. as in major changes including changes in our ministries. We lost some good friends, ended up relationships, closed some doors and opened a lot of new opportunities ahead of us.

I will not say though that it was bad because I believe that "all things work together for good to those that love God" Romans 8:28 says so. Everything that took place this year (including those not so nice ones) were allowed by God to somehow shape me(us) into what He wanted us to be.

The year will end and I carry HOPE with me to go through 2013. Things are bad now (referring to my Father's health) but I see rays of rainbow next year. I'm positive it's gonna be a very fruitful and wonderful year for us.

We're praying for new ministries where we can focus and start something new, there is something in my heart that I've been wanting to do and who knows it might come to pass this coming year.

We will still be working full time in our day job and also full time in the ministry ( that's quite possible) been doing that for quite sometime now. But still  I'm hoping I can give up work to focus more on ministry and pursue a small business at home (probably something about prints, such as t-shirt printing or invitation or even envelope printing will do) anything that can become the main source of our income.

I have yet to have travel plans but I do wish we can go out on a mission trip again this year. Praying for Cambodia or Thailand or wherever God will bring us.

Through all the years GOD has been FAITHFUL to us. Truly, He never left us and has never forsaken us even for a single minute. Many times  we both (my husband and I) failed HIM but HE loved us still. Very much. So I'm confident He will be with us and will guide us on this coming year.

Welcome 2013.

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Pia said...

I am planning to write about what happened this year. Actually both good and bad happened. But like you, i'm hopeful for 2013. Believing God for more blessings and breakthrough. Prayed for your dad...