Sunday, February 5, 2012

Learned new dish

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I've learned a new dish! courtesy of the ever good cook friend of mine J-mie (of tonight's dinner recipe's blog). Last Friday when we went to have dinner with them, she taught me a new easy fish recipe called "pinaputok na tilapia". You can get the recipe here.

For now I know I can do it but let's see til I actually do it myself without her coaching me if I indeed learned it :) I will definitely try it next week when and if work is less and I am not too exhausted. But as I have said it's easy recipe, you're done in 20 minutes or so, grilling even if you have good charcoal grills will take you more time.

I don't know though why it is called it's name because I didn't hear any "putok" at all while we were doing it.

Try it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it like we did.

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