Tuesday, January 31, 2012

David's heart

I've been reading on Psalms and I am learning a lot on David's life and is amazed by his heart. In the midst of his enemies and fears and death..He gladly sang song for his God. He exalted HIM and praise Him and never doubted that God is able to deliver him.

I want that kind of heart. I want my heart to be overflowing with songs and praises to my Father who loves me greatly.

Even in times of need and testings I want a heart that is steadfast. A heart that does not doubt on God's love and grace and power. Oh how I pray I'll have that kind of heart too.

Because I admit that mostly on my testing times..I doubt..I worry and I rely on my self and I know that should not be the case. I should learn to really surrender everything and make HIM in charge of everything in my life (like David did)

God has been David's refuge and shelter and comforter (when he was hiding from Saul)
that's why he was able to sing and praise the Lord even if he was hiding and running.

I pray I can have David's heart and attitude and not fret (like what I mostly do) when being tested. It's a shame I know. Thank God that HE is dealing with me in that aspect. 

Now I am learning to come to God first and foremost when in need (and not wish that some gold coins fall from heaven to supply for that need) I am learning to consult HIM in everything-even small as it seems ( like what to say to someone or should I go there or not) after all God should be in control in every details of our lives right?

image source : God's wonders

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sexyjessie said...

Amen, God should be control in our lives but sometimes we seems to forget that He is.