Friday, May 6, 2011

A wedding anniversary treat

Talking about friends in my last post,another great surprise for me and my husband came last Sunday after the worship service, a couple friend invited us for lunch, I initially thought we will just have an ordinary lunch and meeting for their daughter's upcoming birthday but I was wrong, we were truly touched when they said it was a treat for our wedding anniversary :)

We celebrated our 5th year last April 21 and we had no celebration as couple at all but praise God we were able to dine out in this fancy restaurant because of great friends! and of course we enjoyed the food and the company :)
                                                               (I look funny/weird here :D )

To know in your heart that you have friends who cares and who are there when you need them is such a blessing. Di ba?

And before I go and read about the latest running shoes which I hope I can have someday soon, let me say thank you again to my friends!

I am really blessed!! and I hope I can return the favor someday :)

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