Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Sunday

We were in another church yesterday and I know me and Rudolf both missed the regular Sunday worship we've been used to but attending in another church as a plain attendee is a breather and even if we did come late we were still blessed.

It was a small church compared to our church and the preacher is a youth pastor which I think is younger than my husband and I guess would explain why attendees are more of young people than adults.

He spoke of a very simple yet powerful message. "Are we truly born-again?"

Sometimes we needed to hear the simplest word, the simplest question and that would be enough to get us back to our feet.

And as I checked against my self I know I still fail many times in many aspects. But the good thing is rising up in every failure. Right?

We had a great Sunday yesterday, we spent the whole day with the whole family and it was one of the best weekend I had this year so far. For once I had a relaxed mind not thinking of anything except for nursing uniforms which is minimal :) I was indeed blessed!

How's your Sunday? have you been to any church? Were you blessed?

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