Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Team Building

The Maricaban/Mulawin (Pasay) outreach of our church just had their family team building. I was asked to facilitate the games and I gladly accepted the job. I commend them for doing this kind of activity every year, they focus on family and oh how nice it is to see each family having fun together. I am such a happy facilitator because I saw everyone enjoying the games and really trying out their best to win in each game. I made it like a family competition and motivated them to work hard and gave points and awarded the winning family. I can say they all enjoyed it. The highlight of course is the message from the speaker which focused also in the family. Everyone had a good time indeed.

I will upload the hundreds of photos I took and will post them here but have to read about equestrian helmets first.

It's Sunday tomorrow and I hope you all have fun worshiping the Lord together with your family and church mate. God bless you all!!

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