Monday, May 30, 2011

Church Anniversary

Our church is turning 28 on June 05 and like every year we try to celebrate it as special as we can. This year, the celebration will be in Pasay Sports Complex, a bigger one compared to where we had it last year.

Right now, the whole church staff is busy preparing for the occasion, in fact, today is the last day of rehearsal of the worship team. The worship team for the celebration this year is composed of every worship team of each outreach, so everyone in the music ministry of lJBC will have a part in the celebration. And this year, we will all be singing original compositions of LJBC music ministry, one from each outreach and the rest from Manila. They will also be recording the praise and worship session and everyone who wants a copy can request from Rudolf who heads the worship team.

And as usual, yours truly will be in charge of the decoration. Though it would be minimal this year due to budget constraint I still hope we can make it look as festive as we can.How I wish we can afford advertising flags and put some in front of the venue, that would be nice but as I have said, we will have very minimal decor this year.

But that doesn't make it less special. I know however we celebrate it, it doesn't matter to God for what matters most is that we are thankful for HIS faithfulness through all the years of LJBC.

I hope all of you can come and celebrate with us :)

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