Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's with 7?

Just wondering what's with number seven?

When a child turn 7 years old, it usually is celebrated with a big bang, whatever is big for the family, for rich people, they celebrate it like a real debutant party complete with gowns and all. My niece when she turned 7 had a grand barbie birthday party (oh well for us that's grand because it's not the usual birthday party for us).

Last night I met a wedding supplier and I noticed how he lost weight and he mentioned something about a slimming coffee which brand name is seven days :) So I presumed it promises loosing weigh within 7 days.

There is a whitening cream also that is claiming you'll get whiter skin in 7 days.

and just now I read 7 second eye lift reviews , 7 second eye lift  is an eye cream.

7 day fasting is also being conducted in some churches :) and of course I should not forget the many 7 days crash diet I have tried.

So what else? what do you think there is in 7? any idea?

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Frank said...

Don't forget: There are Seven Churches mentioned in Revelation, Seven Signposts In The Biblical Prophesies, and Seven Days In A Week....

Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one?