Friday, June 8, 2012

God is good all the time!

These are indeed tough days, in all aspect, spiritual, financial and emotional.

A lot has been happening to us and to the church. Sometimes I can't comprehend anymore, my mind and heart cannot process any longer, all the incidents and stuff. But I am holding on to God's word and that these happenings doesn't indicate that He is not good because God is good all the time, even in the toughest day.

I was actually sick yesterday (emotionally stress and the lack of sleep) are the culprit. I had terrible headache and body pain and was throwing up. Last night, I prayed and ask the Lord to give me complete rest and a sound sleep. I woke up and I feel strengthened :)

Yes, times are hard, situations are not good but GOD is GOOD all the time!

We haven't been to grocery store for like a month now, haven't seen barcode scanner for a while but we were never hungry. yes, money is hard at this point in time but GOD is GOOD all the time!

There is no reason not to praise the LORD everyday because His goodness never fails :)

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