Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selah band's prayer request

Maybe you'll ask why we need a laptop, it's because of this...

picture taken at worship nigh in Cavite
see that big bulky monitor? we still bring that to our worship events. The first time we did that I tried to laugh it off and whispered a prayer, Lord bless us a new laptop soon :) Our church is generous enough to let us use the old projector ( not a samsung projector )and the screen for now but someday we plan to buy one for the band also. But with or without those gadgets and technologies, we will worship and we will keep on spreading the fire all over the nations! God bless everyone!

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Ugochi said...

Wow! Amazing work going on here! I can only ask god with you in faith. He will provide.
Joined your site and drop on entercard.
Keep up the good work!