Monday, April 16, 2012


Our church's annual Daily Vacation Bible School started today, and sad to say that I wasn't there because I have work. I missed the opening day but I hope I can attend the graduation day on Friday, this year our theme is "ONE WAY" and the materials and manuals came from Child Evangelism Fellowship.

We prepared for one hundred kids from 5 to 14 years old but I have yet to get the actual number of kids that showed up. I'm making all the certificates for them on their graduation day.

This year marks the most number of teachers and assistants we have, I guess it's the result of several trainings from the past and the fire from the youth camp is still burning thus the number of youth volunteers increased.

I'm sure I'll be sharing again lot's of photos here. For the meantime, please pray that this vacation bible school will really bring change in the kids life and that this will be an agent for them to follow God. Gotta go now, I'm off from the office work but I'll check this beautiful kitchen compost bin over the net :) God bless you all!!!

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