Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ministry Updates


We are indeed blessed and overwhelmed to what God is doing to this ministry, not only through conducting worship events and leading worship but also teaching about worship. Rudolf was invited to speak in a seminar yesterday and again on June, we will be in the Visayas Region again to lead worship in a Prayer conference and Rudolf will also speak about worship (to which I am so nervous about). I really can't believe that my husband can do that (teaching) but thanks be to God who gives him wisdom.

There are also scheduled worship events on May and we are praying for the album recording and for more open door opportunities for the band.


There is an ongoing Vacation Bible School for the kids this week and there will be another one again on the first week of may, we will also have Summer Reading Camp next month, this aims to help the kids who have difficulty in reading so they'll be able to catch up in the next school year.

We also talked about reviving the pedicab ministry (feeding/teaching of the pedicab drivers) and was supposed to be every Wednesday lunch. I felt that this ministry is a great tool to introduce the Lord to them and of course hopefully they in turn will bring their whole family to the Lord.

Scholarships- there are many young people who approached me and asked me if they can apply for scholarship grants and God knows I wanted to help them all. This year, again we are taking a big step of faith as we aim to have at least 5 college and 5 high school scholars. It's big specially in terms of finances but we also have a big GOD, I'm sure He will provide for these scholars.

To raise funds for them, we will have a dinner concert for a cause on June 1, please include this also in your prayers.


With the new ministry (SELAH) that the Lord has opened up for me and my husband and the band, I felt I needed to leave my day job ( most of the time, we go out of town and I have to leave work for a week or two) I think it is unfair for the company I work for. I'm still asking God for the courage (am so afraid of not having a job and not receiving salary on a regular basis) and when I do leave this job, we have to leave the place we are currently staying so that means we have to go somewhere and rent again and where will I get the money if I don't have a regular job? Stuff like that scares me a lot and I know I still have to learn to TRUST HIM fully. I also covet your prayers for that aspect, that I maybe able to obey the Lord without hesitations and that my heart will trust Him that He will provide for our every need.

We've actually inquired of  houses to rent outside Metro Manila for the rent is cheap there but we have yet to actually see them for ourselves, a small house in a quiet community (I'm not even looking for one with residential steel garage after all it's only our motorbike who'll need a parking space)is what we are looking for.  But I don't know yet if until when I will be able to hold on to this job..although I feel I'm letting go and letting GOD sooner.

That's all for now and till our next ministry update :) God bless you all!!

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