Thursday, November 18, 2010

Busy Month.

December is always the busiest month for me, with all the Christmas parties we have to attend plus a lot of friends are having events with this month. Right now, I have 8 parties/events lined up in my calendar.
Along with the parties of course are food and December has always been the month where we all gain weight because of the holiday food! I can imagine my self eating and enjoying all the food this month. And then thinking of how to lose all the weight gained after gorging..haha! I know many of us are into that dilemma. Good for those who can take diet pills but for me who can't it is not a very nice scenario. 

Anyways, for those who are taking diet pills, just make sure you know all the side effects if there is,like if you're taking  phentermine you should know about phentermine side effects. Be informed, read the labels and reviews and know the facts.

But for me, I'll enjoy all the foods first and will think about losing weight later.After all it only comes once a year :)

1 comment:

sexyjessie said...

God bless you with the food, do enjoy sister.

Yeap, diet comes later, lol.