Friday, November 26, 2010

Jollibee Treat

Meet Jollibee- the most famous bee in the Philippines. he is one of the most sought mascot in a children's party. Every kid here in my country knows him and dream of being with him everyday well, others are afraid at first but as they grow older they all learn to love him. But eating in Jollibee's store can be quite expensive especially for the poor, and so they satisfied them selves just by looking at him on television and print ads.

But last week, a good soul chose to celebrate her birthday with the poor kids and we praise God that the Lord sent her to our kids. They are so happy!! They were given the chance to not just look at Jollibee but eat inside the store, play with him and they took home lots of give aways and prizes!!
 (uh-oh, I think Jollibee needs a glucosamine sulphate supplement already, I hope he didn't get hurt)

Event like this inspired us (volunteers) to keep on serving these kids and the Lord. See the twinkle in their eyes? And the smile? I love it!!

I pray there will be more good hearts out there who will share their blessing with these less fortunate kids. Thank you so much again in behalf of the whole Bituing Bulilit (Little Star) Children's Ministry of FISHNETS. And to our volunteers -Thank you so much also..I know it is not easy but no one is complaining. Major applause to all of you!

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