Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Excited but doubting :(

I really do not want to put my thoughts into words right now but here I am... well, the only reason I don't want to is that i don't want t pass on to any of my readers the negativity (doubt and worries) that is within me. I have been praying and I have been contemplating but still..

The reason?

Someone who believes in us recommended us to play in a nice hotel in Cambodia. They said the management is looking for a Christian Band to perform on the 24 and the 31 of December, mostly to sing Christmas songs.
All expenses paid, accommodation is in their hotel plus some talent fee. Blessings right?

And I know I should be happy and excited and looking forward to it.

But guess what? Both me and my husband are thinking-are we really going? Can we really do it? Can we at least pass their expectations if not with flying colors but at least pass it?

We are just ordinary worship band -that's what lingering in my mind since I heard about it.

But there are people who really believe in us and in the GOD we serve. And I know this has been promised/prophesied to the worship team years ago.

I just wish "doubt" will vanish soon. Please include us in your prayers and please please encourage us....that would mean a lot to us. The husband who is the team leader needs that very much too and I know I should be his number one encourager.


Lord..thank you for this opportunity and sorry for doubting..It is YOU who appointed the time. It is YOU who gives talent. We offer this to you..for your glory and for your honor :)

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sexyjessie said...

Sure sister. I will pray for God's assurance and guidance on this.