Friday, November 12, 2010

20 years and still praying

My father stopped smoking cigars years ago and recently he decided to stop drinking liquors also. And I am the happiest in his decision. When we went home to visit them few weeks ago, he joined us in prayer and we held hands together. I’ve been praying for my father since I become a Christian and it’s been more than 20 years. I admit there are times that I doubted if I would still witness him accepting Christ but I am holding on to God’s promise in his word that “me and my household will be save”

And seeing those little changes going on with my father I have high HOPES. He will accept Christ as his personal Savior before God take him away. I am certain of that.

To GOD be all the GLORY!!


hip-chick said...

I pray for my family daily. My husband is not a believer and our children/stepchildren do not attend church either. I too, hold to me and my household will be safe.
I'm so glad about your father. I know that the Lord hears all our prayers.

Rocks said...

Hi Hip-chick - just whispered a prayer for your husband and the rest of your family.