Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Thanksgiving.Parents

Laurie of Women Taking a Stand is still hosting this week and next month we will all meet at Iris site.

It's Thanksgiving day today in America and maybe some part of the world I think is also celebrating this day. Facebook is flooded with many thankful post. Grateful hearts are overflowing and I am sure the Lord is happy. I just wish we all learn to practice gratefulness through out the year. And for the Thankful Thursday ladies..let's keep on thanking HIM..everyday!!

Today I take time to thank the Lord for the long life He has given my parents. I have just been into a funeral service and I can't imagine my parents being gone so I am super thankful that up to now they are still with us and they are still healthy. We still have time to let them know how much we love and appreciate them. Thank you Lord.

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone! It is also a long weekend here and I hope you all spend great time with your family.


Whidbey Woman said...

That is wonderful indeed that you still have your parents and that they are healthy. Thankyou for sharing that praise with us.
I hope you had a nice Thankful Thursday/Thanksgiving. I sure did!

Rita T. said...

So true!