Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Parties

It’s parties here and there here in my part of the world. I am looking at my December month desk calendar and so far I have 9 Christmas parties to attend to not including the family gatherings. God bless me with the food I’ll be gorging up this month. Filipinos are food lovers and I am one of them.

There is this one party (FISHNETS Christmas Party) that I am looking forward to because it will be special, we are going out and we are now picking up on the kind of restaurant we will dine out. I am hoping for a not so expensive but classy restaurant, (one with light music and quiet and yes with POS systems of course, we need the receipts eh :) but those we do not frequent to during ordinary days and because this happens only once a year we want something special. I am suggesting this one restaurant that offers “eat all you can” but is not pricey, you just have to book early because it is always full and it’s quite far with our place.

It’s very Christmassy here now and I can smell the food.

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