Friday, August 19, 2011

Raising Funds for our Scholars

Two more months and the first semester will be over, on October our college scholars will be needing huge amount again for their tuition fees. And 2 of them have 2 more semesters to go and they'll soon graduate! (excited much!)

I don't want them to stop schooling because we can no longer help them with their school expenses, so please my dear friends, readers, co-bloggers and passerby, help us raise funds for them for the two remaining semesters.

I created a chip in widget for those who have paypal account (it's on the sidebar of this blog) for easy way of donating. If you can spare a dollar or whatever amount, that would be of big help for sure.

And if you have friends and acquaintances who would want to help too, please tell them about this cause. Below is the poster I previously made for everyone to see who are our scholars.

May the Lord bless you a hundredfold in return!

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