Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Retreat and going home

There will be a retreat for married couples in our church this coming Sunday spearheaded by the housewives ministry.  I was informed It will be somewhere south (Los Banos, Laguna.)

A lot has already confirmed their attendance and much as I want to come I am uncertain. Monday and Tuesday next week are holidays here and my initial plan was to go and visit my parents whom I haven't seen for 3 months now.

Now, I am torn because we know Rudolf as the worship leader needs to be there and part of me wants to go too. But family should come first. I strongly believe family should be our first ministry.

Sigh. I wish I can be at two places in one time.

Anyways, we are going home and we will see my parents and aside from that, a nephew will be celebrating his 2nd birthday there in the province, so I am excited as well :) Rudolf will design the tarp again and I hope to make some balloon decors too. I just have to make sure we bring all our stuff, box cutter included.

I guess Rudolf and I should have our own retreat in my home province  so when we get back we're fully charged to do ministries again!


Up Close said...

go..go.. gooooo! :)
miss na kayo namin ni Ziah!

sexyjessie said...

The Lord shall direct you. He knows your heart desire.