Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chummy Chum-the cute dinosaur visit Fishnets!

I chanced upon this foundation during one of my blog hops, saw the colorful van and the cute dinosaur. I immediately visited their website and left a message there. I asked if they could also come to our feeding ministries and to my surprise Ms. Rowena called me a few days after and scheduled us for three Saturdays!! What a great blessing for the kids!! You can see they enjoyed Chummy chum so much :) And oh the popcorn and cotton candy are delights to them. Thank you Chummy Chum!!

the kids and the adults alike loved him, the center was jam packed with 100+ kids, we surely needed dehumidifier that time. 
 Chummy chum gave them coloring books as well!
and us with the colorful van!

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marvin said...

That'w wonderful. Chummy Chum was in our church also last month. Was a very exciting, fun filled event.

God bless!