Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Iris of Grace Alone talked about music today in her Thankful Thursday post. She said music is huge part of her life and I can totally relate, my husband being the worship leader in our church and me as one of the back-up singers, music has played a big role in our personal and spiritual life. And today I am thankful for this one particular song that never fails to bring me back to God's love every time I feel like I'm moving away from Him. Thank you Lord for your  

(Kathy Troccoli)

Caught again. Your faithless friend.
Don't You ever tire of hearing
What a fool I've been?
Guess I should pray,
But what can I say?
Oh, it hurts to know the hundred times
I've caused You pain.

The "forgive me" sounds so empty
When I never change.
Yet You stay and say, "I love you still,"
Forgiving me time and time again.

It's Your stubborn love
That never lets go of me.
I don't understand how You can stay -
Perfect love embracing the worst in me
How I long for Your stubborn love.

Funny me.
Just couldn't see
Even long before I knew You,
You were loving me.
Sometimes I cry -
You must cry, too
when You see the broken promises
I've made to you.
I keep saying that I'll trust You
Though I seldom do.
Yet You stay and say You love me still,
Knowing some day I'll be like You.


Melanie said...

Great song! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Whidbey Woman said...

I've never heard this song before. Joining you in giving thanks for God's perfect love...

Denise said...

Awesome song, thanks for sharing.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Rock,

Thanks for sharing this song with us. I am reminded afresh of God's everlasting love for us which is so unfailing and enduring. His love is unconditional and He never gives up on us. He never leave us nor forsake us. What a comfort! Thanks for sharing with us. Take care and have a blessed day.

Warm regards,

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this great song!

shopannies said...

what a wonderful song I agree with you that my life is sorrounded by music as well

Joshlin said...

Good song. Have a blessed day!

Redeemed1 said...

Great song - I have never heard it before. Thank you for sharing it.

Daughter of the KING said...

Had never heard that song before. Beautiful song - bittersweet. It tears at the heart to think of hurting (disappointing) my Lord. Still I too thank Him for never giving up on me - how I need His stubborn love...

Linda J

Cathy said...

Never heard that song before but I love Kathy Troccoli

Rita T. said...

I was just 20 when this song came out...loved it then and love it now. Thank you so much for your wonderful thankful post!

Debbie said...

I love Kathy Troccoli but I have to say I never heard this song before. Thank you for sharing it with us today. How wonderful that you and your husband can sing together.


Serendipity said...

That's a great song! Thanks for sharing!