Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Car Dilemma

Our motorbike is our only means of transportation and most of the time we often use it for ministry purposes, just recently, my husband bought new set of tires for it, But it is very frustrating that after a few weeks of using the new tires, the interiors has to be replaced again because we often have flat tires. And if you are in the middle of the road and no vulcanizing shop in sight it can be very frustrating I tell you.

We do want a car because it is more safety but we can not afford it. Do I pray for a car?, Definitely yes and I know God will honor our prayer someday soon. As a matter of fact. we already have the kind of car we want, we don’t need too much car accessories but hubby will surely want some good car grilles or spoiler or mugs. But right now, we have to settle for our motorbike. I hope the new interiors will last longer until such a time that we can afford to buy new ones.

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