Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Blog List

I have so much to blog. So many pictures to post but I don't think I can not do it until tomorrow night. But I'm noting down a list here before just so I won't forget.

1. The Fishnets ministry had team building last week and it was great! So I'm going to make a post about it.
2. A cute dinosaur mascot named Chummy Chum has visited our Kids Ministry in LaPaz last Saturday. Will post that too.
3. Today, I attended the Womens' Conference that was organized by the women of our church and I was so blessed!! I wanted to write a whole post about it also.

I really have to practice a good time management otherwise I will be more backlog in blogging.So right now after reading about door chimes, I'll go and sleep early for me to wake up early tomorrow morning for the Sunday Service.

Always remember guys..that GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!

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imelda said...

yes i agree with you. happy monday