Monday, June 7, 2010

Anniversary Blast!!!

We had a blast in our church anniversary yesterday. The heavy rain woke us up and immediately I said ..”oh Lord..thank you for the rain of blessings upon us”. I also thought few people would come because of the rain but I was wrong. It was more than we expected. It was nice to see familiar faces, as I have said it was two years ago when we last did this kind of celebration.

And the special numbers each outreach prepared is also very very entertaining And encouraging. A group of women interpreted a song. It was a delight to see a family performing for the Lord. The father singing, daughter on the bass guitar, son on the drums and another son on guitar. It was lovely!!

Everybody went home happy, encouraged and blessed. Praise God for another year, Praise God for the smooth flow of the program and despite the heavy rain we thank God that no one got sick, no one needed an allergy relief medicine and or no one was hurt.

Looking forward to seeing them all again next year!

P.S. Will post pictures later.

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