Friday, March 25, 2011

rest and vitamins

The last thing we need at this point of time is to get sick, that's why Rudolf started taking his vitamins again (he's coughing hard for few days now) and I know I need the best multivitamin for women too because number one, I bleed excessively (have not been taking iron supplement for a month now) second, I always always sleep late, earliest would be 1:00 in the morning and  third, last week I started feeling dizzy for few times in a day so it's time to take supplements. Rest is still at the far end of the line ( I don't see it yet) so it's best to just feed and nourish this body so it can keep up to whatever I am doing now.

But don't worry friends and families..I will take some REST after all these activities of mine.


sexyjessie said...

Take care of yourself and hubby then, rest well. Pls dont work too hard.

Vitamins Canada said...

Always give yourself time to rest. It's also important to include vitamins in your diet. Thanks for that information.