Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VBS postponed, meeting and change

The VBS schedule will not push through as planned, most of the kids will still be on the school on that date (April 4-8)so we have to move it on another date. I heard it will be on 3rd week of April. Our ministry team will meet tonight and I guess that will be on the agenda.

I was talking to a team mate over yahoo messenger a while ago and we had a nice talk about what’s going on and what’s needed to do with the ministry, honestly, I needed that kind of discussion and I need more. I needed to push my self and encourage my self and motivate my self to do my best and not become frustrated to what was not being accomplished. And we both conclude that it’s time to shift although we know that it’s not as easy as changing channels or having a wii remote controller but I agree, it’s time we do shift or revamp or change whatever that word is.

And I like that we will change for the better, we will change to serve the community better and maximize the potentials of each of us and really work as a team.

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