Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beat Poverty Through Education

I believe in that slogan so much that is why my advocacy in our ministry is in the Education Program. It is sad to know that the poor in this country of mine stay poor because of lack of education.

How can they land a nice paying job when they didn't even finish high school? some didn't even finish elementary school? How do you expect companies to hire them?  How could they apply for an office job even if it's only a clerk and earn a minimum wage if the very first requirement is a college graduate?

So they end up getting the jobs that needs no college diploma- and what is that? a food server in a small canteen, a sidecar (pedicab) driver? where you earn not even half of what you need for the day?

And not only that-because they are not educated and know nothing or little about family planning or anything about reproductive health -some in desperate move to get out of poverty ends up selling their bodies for money and then get pregnant at a very young age, and then the cycle repeats again.

I am praying we can at least give them better chance to uplift their lives, there are poor young teens that wants to finish school but poverty hinders them much. If we help them finish school, we are giving them a level playing field not only for job hunting but in life . We are giving them hope that life can get better, we are helping them lift their morale and aspire for better future for their families.

You don't have to be rich to send a child to school, my friends who are supporting this cause are regular employees and do not even have extra money but they do share. If once in a while you eat in Jolibee or Mcdonalds or KFC or Mang Inasal..for sure you are able also to help these kids finish school.

Call International Teams at 832-5142 if you are want to help :) and please know also that we have a dinner fund raising night on May 20. Let me know if you are interested. God bless everyone!

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