Sunday, December 13, 2009

He is faithful!

We went to buy gifts this afternoon, I know it's late already, but then it's better late than never. The church Christmas party will be next Sunday and that's when we usually give gifts for our godchildren and friends. It's been a tradition here to give gift to your godchild every Christmas and since Rudolf has been a full time worker of the church for a long time he has many many godchild there whom all has been automatically became my godchild when I married him.

We were actually contemplating if we will be able to buy gifts for them this year, you see, this year was the most expensive year so far in our married life and really there is no budget anymore for the gifts but God is good and faithful to his servants, he wants us to bless the kids and so He provided.

I'm praying He would provide also for our year end vacation after Christmas, even if it's not as grand as the Outer Banks beach rentals abroad, I just want us to have some good and relaxed vacation so we could rest and be ready for next year's endeavor. But with or without that vacation, God will still make us ready and He will give us whatever we will be needing for the coming year. He has been faithful and He will always be!!

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