Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kids Christmas Party

Sharing some pictures from our children ministry's Christmas party. We have more or less 100 kids and from the look in their eyes I am so sure they enjoyed the games and the whole party!

The prizes!!! the stuff toys are from the box that Grace sent us from the US, thank you so much again!) The kids loved it!!

Kids from UTB (Under the bridge) performing a song number

And from San Antonio Village (Blue House) A mesmerizing dance number!!

The musical chair game

and the longest line game which was a knock out!! kids took off everything so they can put it in their line, including shoes (not MBT shoes of course), slippers, belts, t-shirts and their bodies!!! haha! It was fun!! loads of fun!!

Tiring yes but at the end of the day, you can say it's all worth it. Again, I want to thank everyone who helped us and to those who are supporting us financially...You all made these kids happy this season!! God bless everyone!!

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