Thursday, December 10, 2009

Future Plans

It's the 12th month of the year, it's usually the month where organizations and businesses make plan for the next year.

And me and Rudolf are doing the same, God has been leading us to new directions that started this year, this year was great for both of us and we can't wait for the next year to come.

Greater things are yet to come, my dear husband often tell me that and I believed it in my heart.

Major changes are coming our way next year, as early as now we are discussing his going back to Malaysia for one month and this time I will make sure I'll be with him. Then I am also considering and praying that from there we will go to Singapore , visit Pastor Joseph and stay in my cousins place and see if God has something to do for us there. I'm seeing a lot of travel for next year especially when I am already resigned from my day job, we have to prepare for this and get ready, not only spiritually but emotionally and physically as well, we don't want to get sick while traveling. We can't afford to get medical travel insurance so prevention is best for us.

Did I mention I am planning of quitting my day job? yes, and it is a tough decision to make but I know God's plan is always better than mine.

How about you? have you already made plans for next year? Do you see major changes coming your way? It's sometimes scary but there's Jeremiah 29 :11 so no need to worry. God knows best.

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